Celebrate your love in Tenerife.

I have been living here on the Island for the last 20 years, and I have had my fair share of jobs. I came here as a young, 24-year-old with 1 suit case, 50 € in my back pocket, and a life full of dreams. I had a better start than many, as I had the support of my sister, who was already living here, and she helped me on my feet.

I started work in kitchens, cooking for the tourists pining for their British pub grub. I went on to work in telemarketing, where I had my first taste of working outside the hospitality environment. It was a completely different path to that which I was used to. I fell back into kitchen work as it’s in my blood and there are some things you can’t change. I have met many people along the way, from acquaintances to friends, to people who I just can’t live without.

I met and married my children's father, who is Canarian, and as a result I have three wonderful boys who are currently going through the school system here in Tenerife – but that's a whole different blog! The most exciting thing for my boys is that they can google mummy and my photo pops up: to them I am famous. (Let’s not tell them otherwise).

I was given the idea to be a celebrant and to host wedding ceremonies here in Tenerife, 10 years ago. I did some market research and found there was a niche in the market, so I flew back to the UK to take a course and learn how to host and write ceremonies. I found that hosting ceremonies was not only a pleasure, but an honour and I loved it: the nerves, the rush of excitement as I take the lead in a ceremony, people asking where to sit, what do they need to do, etc.?

People asked for other things relevant to weddings, such as flowers, locations, etc. At the time, I didn’t want to plan weddings, as the pressure of planning someone’s big day is a feat. Nevertheless, true to form, I again found a course and studied online to become a wedding planner. From there, I contacted various hotels and locations on the island to host weddings, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I hosted my first wedding 10 years ago. I’ll be honest with you: I didn’t sleep a wink the night before: would everything go to plan?, what happens if?, do I have a plan B?, do I need plans C, D and E as well? Then the day went without a hitch: the cake turned up on time, the florist did her job, everyone was paid on time, I hosted the ceremony… phew! I slept like a baby that night.

The more ceremonies and weddings I hosted, the easier they became. The secret to being a good wedding planner is to be able to make snap decisions without ruining the couple’s big day and to think on your feet as things arise – after all, its not the florist’s fault if there is an accident on the motor way and they are now running late.

I have found my passion. I can say that the excitement I have on the day, seeing my plan executed and the team working together like an amazing well-oiled machine, is a major confidence boost!

I have been lucky enough to host weddings at locations that never dreamed they could do so, such as the popular beach clubs. Between the couple’s trust and the trust of the local businesses, I have gained the knowledge and experience to build a successful wedding planning and celebrant business. I work alongside some of the major hotels on the island, in both the north and the south, as well as host my own weddings with them.

Couples often wonder what it would be like to host their dream wedding on this sub-tropical island and my answer is that it’s easy and affordable. Flights from Europe arrive in Tenerife, in all of its glory, in a few short hours. Due to our climate, we can host the events any time of year. Weddings and vow renewals in Tenerife are half the price they are in the UK, and you have the perfect honeymoon, family holiday, and quick get-away, as an added bonus.

The ceremonies that are hosted here are symbolic, not legal. Couples coming in from all over Europe must first marry in the local registry office, which is followed by a celebration wedding ceremony. Although, this ceremony is symbolic, it has the solemnity of a real wedding. Speaking from experience, after having hosted hundreds of ceremonies and planned my share of weddings, most couples celebrate their wedding here in Tenerife on their anniversary.

Vow renewals are also becoming more and more popular as couples are no longer waiting for the “milestone” years in order to renew their vows. They now renew them when it feels right for them and when all the family can come together and celebrate. Whilst they don’t want the expense that their wedding cost, couples are more than happy to cater for a stunning beach location, good cocktails and a dinner to celebrate. This is about families coming together, so the children and grandchildren can appreciate all their parents have done for them over the years, but also to show them that if you work things out, a couple can manage anything that's set in their way.

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