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I am a full service provider, and take care of all aspects of the wedding from start to finish.

I am the wedding couples personal assistant and advisor, just as i carry out everything necessary to insure the budget, coordination and performance of all services involved in accomplishing a successful wedding.

Unlike a hotel event planner, who works for the venue, i work for the couple, and i am not only responsible for the services performed by the particular venue, i'm responsible for everything. This means the hotel event planner works within the boundaries of the hotel. So the wedding couple have to take care of several elements themselves, and have to deal with them by themselves, if something goes wrong. 

Unlike the hotel event planner i'm highly specialized in performing weddings and drafting the right suppliers to accommodate the wedding couples taste, temperament and vision. And if something doesn't go according to plan, i have a plan B ready. I'm the wedding couples guarantee for peace of mind. That they can relax and enjoy their big day.

Feel free to contact me for a second opinion before any decisions are made.

Wedding Services

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