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Your personal wedding planner

A little about me

I've had the pleasure of assisting couples celebrate their love here on our beautiful island of Tenerife for roughly 14 years.

As I'm born and bred in Plymouth, English is my mother tongue. I am also fluent in Spanish as I've lived in Tenerife for more than 20 years now.

I'm the proud mother of three boys, which also means I have a black belt in juggling and fast thinking ;)

Wedding planning is my trade and I see it as my duty to be updated on everything from shifting wedding trends to the local suppliers performances and prices. So I can offer my clients the best possible advice and assistance in order to achieve their dream wedding without any unwanted surprises or concerns about creative pricing.

Feel free to contact me for any inquiries in regard to weddings and vow renewals in Tenerife. I am very happy to provide quotes for your consideration.

If you haven't heard back from me within 48 hours, it's very likely my email is hiding in your spam mail. Please check or give me a call.

What do I offer

It would be more correct to write, what do WE offer, as 'Weddings in Tenerife by Claire Lopez' has 5 employees and a series of suppliers we have worked with for years?

In short, we offer all the services and products you would need to host your wedding or vow renewal here in Tenerife. 

With our 14 years of experience in wedding planning, our daily lives in Tenerife, and our multicultural backgrounds, we offer our couples access to all possible services and products in Tenerife, so they only need to contact us to get things sorted. 

We pride ourselves on being very easy to get in touch with. It can be that I’m out of the office, but there will always be one in the office to attend to you within the normal office hours. Just as you, next to our call schedule, can book appointments with me ongoing. 

We consider ourselves your friends and advisors, in the sense that we always inform you of the pros and cons of your requirements. You make the decisions, but we will make sure these decisions aren’t based on assumptions but on factual information. 

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