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Here you will find information, inspiration and prices for your dream wedding in the sunny island of Tenerife.

Despite the luxurious surroundings and travel expenses, a wedding in Tenerife is more affordable, and has better value for the money, than a wedding in Northern Europe.

You will not only get an amazing wedding, you will pamper yourself with a relaxing holiday in our warm and sunny climate.

Feel free to contact me for more non-committing information and qoutes. 

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Weddings in Tenerife

Wedding Planner

Tell me what you want. If your not sure, we'll sort it out, and leave the rest to me

Weddings in Tenerife

Marriage Celebrant

Unless my clients have other wishes, I perform the ceremonies myself

Weddings in Tenerife


Tenerife offers a unique selection of wedding venues, from the 5 star hotels, to the rustic fincas in the rural areas

Weddings in Tenerife


I offer the full range of wedding related services. Just send me an e-mail if it isn't on the list

Weddings in Tenerife


For weddings up to 10 people,
i've put together some all-inclusive package solutions, for you to consider

Weddings in Tenerife


If its time to ask the big quistion, you can leave all the practicalities to me

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